The Wildlife Path

Starting in the sea, you are surrounded by dolphins and then emerge on to a beach where you may chance upon an oyster catcher or peregrine falcon nesting on the cliff edge.

The path continues past a wet marshy area and small river. Salmon leap from the water, while heron, statue like, stand and wait. Look carefully, you might see a dipper or curlew, or with luck an otter.

Further upstream the Moorland area provides good hunting for buzzards, while on the lower slopes the dappled shade of broadleaved woodland may conceal a resting stag or brace of pheasants seeking cover.

A field and farmyard area with an old stable are home to barn owls, rats and the farm cat.

The habitats change with the seasons as some of the displays are growing plants. You may even find the occasional living creature – the centre is designed to allow wildlife in. so be careful where you tread!

Carving Demonstrations

Regular carving demonstrations are held in the cobbled yard. Starting work with a chainsaw and finishing using hand tools, a lifesized sculpture will be created as you sit and watch.



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